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Dengue Vaccine Development

As an example of our Global Health Consulting, GSID has been working with a number of dengue vaccine developers around the world. GSID’s expertise in clinical and product development was utilized by the International Vaccine Institute in Seoul, Korea. We were asked to evaluate the pipeline of candidate vaccines, their respective developers and potential manufacturing partners around the world. Our evaluations of development partners provided DVI with the necessary input to further the advancement of evaluating dengue vaccines in large-scale clinical trials.

GSID also published a detailed case study of the cost of production of a live attenuated dengue vaccine, which appeared in Vaccine in 2012.

GSID continues to work with the Butantan Institute (Sao Paolo, Brazil) on their vaccine development program, with Phase III clinical studies approved and scheduled to begin in 2016.

About Dengue
Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne disease, primarily of children, and prevalent in tropical countries around the world. Dengue fever has severe consequences of hemorrhagic fever and dengue shock and results in substantial morbidity and mortality. There is currently no vaccine available for dengue, although a number of vaccine candidates are in various stages of development. For more information please see:
CDC Dengue Fever Information
WHO Dengue page

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