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GSID has been focused on three pillars of infectious disease management and control. First, we have been working on vaccine development efforts to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, especially HIV/AIDs. Second, we have been developing tools to improve the management of infectious disease control programs through real-time reporting and analysis of accurate surveillance data. Third, we consult with other global health organizations on their vaccine development and vaccine access projects.

AIDSVAX® HIV Vaccine Program - Since our founding, one of GSID’s primary missions has been to develop a safe, effective, and affordable vaccine to control the HIV/AIDS pandemic. GSID leadership has been responsible for the development of the AIDSVAX® vaccine for over two decades. In 2009, GSID was proud to be a partner in the announcement of the results of RV144 - the world’s first Phase III vaccine trial to reduce the risk of HIV infection in humans. Following these exciting results, the AIDSVAX® vaccine continues to be evaluated in a number of clinical trials around the world, and GSID continues to collaborate with numerous other research institutions in order to gain insights into HIV and future vaccine development. Despite these efforts and positive clinical results, GSID has been unsuccessful in obtaining financial support to manufacture new lots of ADISVAX vaccine or to make improvements to it.

GSID System for Infectious Disease Surveillance - GSID has been developing and field testing mobile health tools to digitize and transmit diagnostic results for important infectious diseases. By aggregating results from multiple sites, our system is designed to help manage disease control programs and provide real-time infectious diseases surveillance directly from the point of care in low and middle income countries.

Global Health Consulting - In addition to the programs above, GSID provides technical support to a number of other vaccine projects around the world, including dengue vaccine manufacturing and clinical trials in Brazil, monitoring Japanese Encephalitis (JE) immunization campaigns in North Korea, advising the development of flu vaccine manufacturing facilities in developing countries, and ongoing consultation for the WHO’s Global Polio Eradication initiative.

Please contact us if you have any questions about these programs.

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