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AIDSVAX® Program: GSID Specimen Repository

In 2004, GSID established a specimen repository with more than 300,000 tubes of serological material, over 1.2 million electronic pages of clinical information and volumes of other scientific data generated during and after the conduct of the VaxGen trials.

Working with a consortium of academic and the private sector investigators, we analyzed the specimens and the data from the VaxGen trials under our “Path to an HIV Vaccine” program.  Knowing that we cannot tackle HIV alone, we developed the web-accessible GSID HIV Data Browser containing clinical and viral sequence information related to the HIV infected subjects who participated in the VaxGen trials.

By working with our partners in the RV144 and related clinical trials, GSID continues to conduct research on our specimen collection, sharing the samples and data with the global HIV vaccine research community.  A list of publications can be found here.

Concept Sheets for Specimen Sample Requests
Registered subscribers of the GSID HIV Data Browser have a unique opportunity to obtain certain serological samples, including serum and plasma, related to the viral sequences contained in the database. In addition, the specimen repository also contains samples from uninfected subjects. Interested investigators should submit a written concept sheet outlining the information shown directly below and submitting it via email to GSID.

Please include the following information in your concept sheet and sample request:

  • Name of requesting organization
  • Name of principal investigator
  • Investigator contact information
  • GSID subject ID#
  • Type of serological material: serum or plasma
  • Total quantity of material requested
  • Detailed description of planned experiment methods, including the justification for quantities requested
  • Description of experiment objectives
  • Please identify your funding source

The specimens are a limited resource; therefore the volumes and the availability of samples may vary by each subject. GSID cannot guarantee that it will be able to fulfill a request to the exact specifications of the scientific investigator, but every effort will be made to accommodate the request. However, GSID reserves the right to adjust the request based upon availability of material and/or make recommendations to satisfy the volume requirements of the planned experiments.

Please note that any scientific publication resulting from the use of the materials provided by GSID must contain an attribution to GSID and/or the GSID HIV Data Browser. Additionally, GSID requires that it be able to review and comment on the publication at least 30 days prior to finalization.

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